Peter Fejer, 5Rhythms teacher

“To know and not to do is not yet to know.”

Zen kōan

Photo by Denis Collette, from Flickr, Creative Commons Licence
Photo by Denis Collette, from Flickr, Creative Commons Licence

I was really small when I was born. I grew a lot since then. But the world around me grew much faster.

When I was born I was a really big part of the world. I almost filled it all. Today I’m only a drop of water in a huge thunderstorm over the vast ocean in an infinite universe.

I was totally ignorant when I was born. I learned a lot since then. But I always found more questions than answers.

When I was born I had only a few questions and I knew the answers to most of them. Am I hungry? Yes. Am I sleepy? No. Today I have enough questions to fill several libraries and I know only a few answers and even those start with “sometimes”, “maybe”, or “according to”.

It seems as I grow older I become smaller and I know less. But at the same time I enjoy life more and more and it gets more and more spacious!

I started leading groups and using non-formal teaching methods in the early 90s. I have degrees in pedagogy, philosophy and economics, I worked as a research administrator, business consultant, and trainer. I received accreditation to teach the 5Rhythms from Gabrielle Roth in 2011. Since that time I’m doing weekly classes in Budapest, workshops in several different cities in Hungary, Serbia and Austria, and I led longer retreats as well. In the same time I’m doing continuous professional development on different workshops in Croatia, Austria and Germany, and I also attend 5Rhythms teachers’ gatherings.

I believe in the fundamental freedom of human beings. I belive in the importance of deep relationships. I believe in the far reaching effects of body movements. I wish to contribute to a more full and more peacful world through teaching and spreading conscious dance.

You can find my events on my Facebook page: dancefejer/events


Some feedback from people who attended my workshops

“After I arrived home I felt myself real for days. I was simply existing. I wasn’t thinking about what and how should I do, I simply did things which came from inside. I was really real! And this is the biggest gift I could ever receive. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I love it so much that you make self developmental dance available to the everyday people. It gives the feeling of clear simplicity. The male energy of clarity.”

“For me the greatest gift in this dance is that nothing is compulsory. There are some instructions, but it is up to me how I receive it and what kind of movement it inspires in me. Thus I can fully give myself to the music and my emotions.”

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Photo by Denis Collette, from Flickr, Creative Commons Licence
Photo by Denis Collette, from Flickr, Creative Commons Licence