Us_the dance between men and women_led by Adam Barley and Jessica Howie


5Rhythms workshop with Jessica Howie and Adam Barley in Budapest
Waves level

13-17. March, 2019. Budapest

Five days to immerse ourselves in the dance between men and women. We will be all together for the first night, then separate groups for two days, then back together for the weekend. Time without the opposite sex is profoundly fruitful, empowering us to meet each other with the open-hearted and well grounded honesty that we all need so deeply.
Things are hotting up between us! In this re-defining period, it’s easy to be consumed by the chaos, not knowing what the other wants, how to communicate. We are riddled with pains and injustices. Some of it righteously so, and a lot of it – simply stories. It’s all too easy to get attached to being right and point fingers across the divide.
Instead, we will dance deep into the bones, blood and breath of our experience. To willingly and vulnerably embody all we are, speak from the heart. To see and hear each other’s differences. To celebrate our common humanity. We are alive, and sexual, and everything is opening and changing! Wow!
Can we meet, move, discover, and make the passage together across the divide?


Where :in Budapest. (Details later)

Date: 13-17. March 2019.

Wednesday 18-21h
Thursday 11-18h
Friday 11-18h
Saturday 11-18h
Sunday 10-16h

The Wednesday is not open! If you come for the workshop,
please arrange your travel so that you can be there from the start time on Wednesday to the finish time on Sunday. “If that’s not possible for you, then please don’t book a place!”

You need to have a good grounding in the 5Rhythms to take part: a previous
weekend workshop would be good, preferably at Heartbeat level. If you have
a strong background in other similar paths and would like to take part, please
contact us!
If you are on the path towards the teacher training, please make contact with the organizers about the number of the preriquisite hours!

295€ (paying the whole amount before 12 January)
350€ (with 85€ nonrefundable deposit payed before 12 February)
395€ (after 12 February)

Reduced price for dancers from Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia

If you are from the mentioned countries, please write a mail to the organisers!

Contact: or

Online booking form:

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