A workshop with Peter Wilberforce


There is, within each of us, a flow of creative energy which seeks the channels by which it can find expression in the world, free and resonant.


More than ever, there is a deep need for us to return home and rest in the body.  To become aware of the play of qualities, sensations, emotions and ideas in each of us which shift and evolve constantly. A flow of aliveness, a music, which brings an impulse to connect.  Free, this urge to connection will find gestures, sounds, shapes, colours and words to enter into a free, nourishing and creative exchange.


For many of us the channels were closed down a long time ago : our freedom of expression not welcome, our creative spirit pushed into a cupboard and locked away.    What would it be to unlock the cupboard and free this energy?


This workshop is an invitation to come home to your own body and discover its treasures.  To explore how your energy finds expression in movement and sound.  We will use movement, breath and sond practices to give us a greater sense of the expressive possibilities of the body, your instrument, and we will play to discover the joy and inherent creativity of connecting to the world, deepening our connection to ourselves at the same time.  Tuning in, sounding out. Connecting.



September 7-9. 2018.

Fri. 15-18h

Sat. 11-18h

Sun. 10-17h

Where? Corvin Dance Center

Price and the way of  the payment:

Prebooking price 120 € payed with the application before 1. August ,

reduced prebooking price for Romania, Serbia : 95€ payed with the application before 1. August

150€ full price ( with 40€ nonrefundable deposit with the application)

reduced full price for Romania, Serbia: 110€ with 40€ nonrefundable deposit, payed with the application



This group has a limit of 24 dancers! If it is fully booked, we are going to open a waiting list.


Online booking form: here


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