Coming Home

waves level 5Rhythms retreat with Péter Fejér, certified teacher, assisted by Viktória Gyukics, certified teacher

19-21 October 2018
Pilisszentlaszlo, Hungary

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“Create a beautiful place inside of yourself and then begin to expand and build outward.” – Bryant McGill


We all need a place, where we can feel at home. This feeling, this place makes it possible for us to really regenerate. The home is the place, where we do not simply spend some time, where we do not simply hide and wait for better times. Home is the place where we can truly rest, heal and grow. The home can become a real home for us if we have trust in it. Trust of receiving security, trust of not being judged.

The true home softly surrounds us, protects us, nurtures us. It is the physical manifestation of the universal mother.

On this workshop we will start from inside us to find our ways towards our real home. We’ll use the movement map of Gabrielle Roth, with a special focus on the first rhythm: Flowing.
We’ll practice how to better connect to mother earth in a simple physical way.

No previous experience is needed. Everybody is welcome.
(The workshop counts as 15 hours waves level practice towards the teacher training.)

cc live free or die 77_600
(Photo from by user “live free or die 77”, Creative Commons license) (Banner photo: Naletu on, Creative Commons license)

Full price: €160
Early booking price before 16 September: €130
Reduced price for participants from Romania, Serbia, Slovakia: €90 (early €70)
If you bring your life partner he/she can participate for half price.

Accommodation: it is possible to sleep in the school building for €5/person/night.


Waldorf school of Pilisszentlászló
(20km from Budapest, among hills)

From the city center it takes 1,5-2 hours with public transport to get to the venue.
With this online tool you can plan your journey to “Szentendre” :
And there you can take the bus to Pilisszentlászló. You need to get off the bus at the final destination and then walk through the village on Béke street until at the edge of the village you arrive to the sports field. There you need to turn slightly left and the school is very close by. This is less than one kilometer and might take 10-15 minutes.

Time schedule

We’ll start at 6pm on Friday and finish at 5pm on Sunday. The schedule of the sessions will be flexible. There will be sessions of about 3 hours, and in the morning we’ll start at 10am.


  • It is possible to sleep in the school building for €5/person/night.
  • You can find a wide variety of accommodation options in Szentendre. It is 15 minutes by car or 30-40 minutes by bus.
    Link to / Szentendre

Further information (subject: ComingHome)

>> Facebook event

>> Go to the Booking form



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