Loving practice with Emma Roberts

A5Rhythms workshop exploring the very human experience of being in a body. How working with attention, awareness, breath and accepting our present experience is where we shape our own authenticity and truth. Finding the love of our own practice, and the practice of loving what shows up on the dance floor, so we begin to accept all parts of human experience as something that has movement and breath. We will work simply with the map but give time and space to keep dropping deeper into the layers beneath the surface of our experience. It’s often when we turn towards our own centre we begin our deepest practice of love, reclaiming all parts so we experience a greater sense of wholeness.
We will spend much loving attention towards our own experience in the dance and from this place explore how we move into relationship and community. These 3 places can become fluid so we can listen and become present to what is needed in any given moment.
“To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life. That is the warrior’s discipline”
Chogyam Trungpa
Emma Roberts
Emma is a certified 5Rhythms teacher and has over twenties years of professional practice as a movement facilitator, performer, dancer and theatre practitioner. She is also a trained movement and drama therapist. Emma’s deepest purpose in holding space is to liberate, inspire and inquire deeply into individual and collective potential. Her tool bag is rich and her approach subtle infused with creative curiosity.
Where: Corvin Dance Center Budapest
when: 18-19. August, 11-18h
Early booking price before 17 July € 130, with a non refundable deposit of €30
Reduced price for participants from Romania, Serbia: € 95 (early booking before 17 July with a non refundable deposit of €30)
Contact: kiss.zsuzsanna@gmail.com
Online booking: here

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